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Right to Reject Orders or Cancel Sales

We reserve the right to cancel or reject a purchase order (PO) without notice. In the event a purchase order (PO) is rejected, canceled or rescinded for any reason, we agree to refund the Customer, minus a 10% inconvenience fee for the amount of the total purchase.



Any individual (based on the credit card, email or billing address, or other attributes) who places more than 3 orders within 24 hours of an initial online product release will have those orders placed in our fraud queue for review.

We will review orders in our fraud queue and may cancel multiple orders of the same item or items; your account may also be placed on suspension.



The shopping cart and checkout features of this site are intended to be used by persons who have reached the age of majority (18 in most U.S. states), according to the laws where they reside. If a minor orders a product or service through this site without parent or guardian permission, then the parent or guardian may return the product or service for a refund according to the returns and exchanges policy that relates to the order placed by their child.



Promotional codes are limited in nature, void where prohibited and may expire or discontinue or without notice. Promotional codes may not be copied, sold, or applied to prior or future purchases. They are not redeemable for cash and are subject to cancellation or change at any time for any reason. Items eligible for promotional discounts may be limited to stock on hand, and rain checks may not be issued or honored.

Possible reasons for rejection, cancellation or resend of a purchase order

The Customer’s custom design or message did not align with our mission or our values.

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