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Product Disputes

Our guarantee is to do our best to bring you the best quality sticker for the most competitive price. If you have a complaint as to quality issues on stickers you have ordered and received, there are no refunds, only reprints of the exact same design at our discretion. In the case of a dispute, please contact us. We always want to work with our customers to make sure they are happy. We may ask that disputed stickers be sent back to us for evaluation. Upon receipt of same, we will evaluate, taking into consideration the artwork provided and the list of our disclaimers shown above.

If part of the sticker design was not printed due to errors on the part of Diversity Avatar Stickers, then we will reprint the file. If smears, extra print marks, and blurred prints occur due to mishandled printing, though rare, will be reprinted at our discretion depending on the amount of stickers affected, the size of the mark/smear in relation to the size of the detail in the design. If it is a small percentage of your stickers we can refund that portion of your order at our discretion.


Cancel Requests

If you change your mind or wish to cancel your order, we offer different levels of refunds depending on when the cancel request was made.

If the cancel request was made:

  • before requested proof was sent* – we will offer a 100% refund
  • after proof was sent and approved by you but before the actual item is created – we will offer a 75% refund
  • after proof has gone into production – we will offer a 0% refund


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