There are few things as important as knowing yourself. As you grow up, you work on finding your place in your own body, family, neighborhood, and beyond. We want to help everyone on this all-important journey.


In the digital age, there are many ways to portray yourself in virtual settings like social media. Diversity Avatar Stickers™ provides a way to physically represent your identity with fully customizable, gender-neutral sticker collections. Our modern designs allow you to find the body shape, hairstyle, skin tone, and accessories that best fit you. Our stickers will enable you to express yourself while bringing a unique flair to your computer, phone case, or reusable cup.

Why Gender-Neutral Matters

Currently, 1% of Americans identify as transgender or gender diverse (according to the National Library of Medicine). More and more of us are disconnecting from traditional or forced gender norms and stereotypes in pursuit of authenticity.

Our sticker collections start as gender-neutral so that you can create an avatar that shows who you are. We want to celebrate the quintessential essence that constitutes your identity.

Starting with a gender-neutral base, we want your avatar to showcase your style and persona without relying on stock gender motifs. We know that media representations of LGBTQIA+ individuals are not always positive or emblematic of who you are, so we want to give you the power to craft your own likeness with our product.

Our stickers are a gentle reminder about the diversity of our communities. Diversity is more than gender or race. We sit at points on various spectrums that make up our individuality. Celebrating our differences lies at the core of what we do.

Whether you identify with the gender assigned at birth or none at all—we have curated a tool to express yourself. Diversity Avatar Stickers™ aims to help facilitate a way for others to understand better who you are.

Selecting Your Avatar

With 14 different skin shades to select from, you will find one that depicts your natural look. Match your shade with your body style, then pick out a shirt accessory and hairstyle sticker to complete your look.

Our data show that we can limit automatic racial stereotyping by omitting specific facial features. So don’t worry about spending hours customizing your face. Instead, focus on the other aspects of your appearance that you like and create a way. 

We’ve designed Diversity Avatar Stickers™ to layer on each other to form a one-of-a-kind design. With so many customizable features, you are sure to find the right combination that affirms how you see yourself. Check out our builder to see for yourself now.