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Diversity Avatar Stickers encourages people to LISTEN, REFLECT, and LEARN.

It’s time we start rethinking multicultural, gender equity, and LGBT-inclusivity in education. Diversity Avatar Stickers encourages conversation sometimes uncomfortable the definitely necessary. The world had an awakening of social injustice, gender inequalities, and transgender discrimination. We can no longer ignore the elephant in the room.

Stickers can’t change the world, but they can empowerment teachers, students, and faculty. School branded DAS Swag stickers can show solidarity and be placed on cars, coffee mugs, laptops, mobile devices, etc. 

It’s important to increase intercultural and cross-racial knowledge, understanding, and empathy to build a stronger sense of identity and well-being in the next generation.

ROI of Diversity and Inclusion

  • 80% of transgender students reported feeling unsafe at school because of their gender expression. According to 2011 National School Climate Survey.
  • 76% of new teachers say they were trained to teach an ethnically diverse student body, but fewer than 4 in 10 say their training helps them deal with the challenges they face. According to the Public Agenda.
  • 8% of African-American/Black teachers represents all of young teachers, in comparison to 13% of African-American/Black students all school-aged children. According to the Brookings.
  • 9% of Hispanic teachers represents all of young teachers, in comparison to 24% of Hispanic students all school-aged children. And Asian teachers are slightly underrepresented relative to the percentage of Asian students in the population. According to the Brookings.

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