DAS Swag - Diversity Avatar Stickers

DAS Swag

DAS Swag helps amplify your brand’s message and encourages people to LISTEN, REFLECT, and LEARN.

DAS Swag, along with all Diversity Avatar Stickers, comes in a variety of skin tones to promote representation for a brand’s entire audience. From chestnut to porcelain and everything in between, DAS Swag helps make brands accessible and relatable to every single customer.

Diversity is valued in the world and has the power to make your business, organization, educational institution, or event more effective, more successful, and more profitable.

If your school, organization or business values diversity and inclusiveness, DAS Swag stickers are the perfect way to engage with your audience in an impactful way like never before.

  • 85% of consumers keep promotional products for more than a year, with DAS Swag Stickers your brand is always visible and making an impact.
  • 85% of people say they remember the name of a company that has given them promotional products.