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Diversity Avatar Stickers give your audience the opportunity to completely customize your promotional products. By choosing their own body shape, color, hairstyle, and branded accessory, they create a promotional avatar that represents who they are.

What’s more, their branded avatar can be placed just about anywhere! Stickers are designed to be used on cars, laptops, binders, water bottles, phones, and any other hard surface where you would normally display a sticker.

Promote Your Brand. Promote Diversity.

Diversity and Customization Matters

Diversity Avatar Stickers introduce a new way to spread brand awareness. Our promotional gifts bolster inclusion and acceptance in the form of customizable avatar stickers—each one is designed to represent any race, gender, sexual orientation, or distinct individual expression. 

Representation is essential to growing and strengthening the dignity of your customers. What better way to share your brand with the world than through promotional products that inspire, encourage, and demonstrate the beauty of diversity?

If you love 😍 the concept of customizable stickers, but you’re not sure where to start. We’re here to help.

Information Needed To Get Started

  1. Demographic information (e.g., race and gender)
  2. Order quantity
  3. Branding (logo or slogan)

Tailoring The Experience

  • For a TEAM BUILDING, EDUCATION or SOCIAL CAUSE we recommend the e-gift card or the complete experience solutions.
  • For a CONFERENCE or EVENT, we recommend brand ready or e-gift card solutions.

Contact our sales@koalescedesigns.com for assistance in placing your order or to learn more about our custom promotional solutions for your business.