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Representation Matters

Emoji Yourself.

Getting Started Guide

If you love 😍 the concept of customizable stickers, but you’re not sure where to start. This guide will walk you through the process of building your Diversity Avatar Stickers. 👍🏽

Diversity Avatar Stickers is similar to a bitmoji, but in a physical sticker. Just like bitmoji’s; people will be able to customize and personalize their avatar stickers with a variety of hairstyles and clothing accessories.

Let’s get started!

The advantage to building your avatar sticker profile manually is you have the autonomy to and access to more accessories.

Step One
Start but choosing your avatar’s shape, size, and skin tone.
Step Two
Next, choose clothing accessories.
Step Three
Next, choose a hairstyle that you identify the most with.

Place your brand anywhere!

Branded shirt stickers with a header card are the perfect option to get your brand noticed. This option allows you to purchase just one aspect of the Diversity Avatar Sticker. 

All customized shirt stickers arrive in biodegradable cellophane bags with recyclable header cards that can be customized with your company brand (additional fee may apply)

How to Order

  1. Choose the order quantity
  2. Upload your artwork/logo  

Optional: Branding landing page, to help spread the word about your uniquely branded sticker at https://diversityavatarstickers.com/COMPANY’S NAME

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Why We Are Unique?

What makes Diversity Avatar Stickers unique to other promotional stickers?

Representation: In the midst of promoting your company at your next event, conference, or business gathering, you also have an opportunity to speak to the value of each diverse member of your audience. Everyone deserves an opportunity to feel represented. Which is why we want to share the gift of Diversity Avatar Stickers.

Sustainable Packaging: We provide packaging that is 100% plantable, biodegradable, and recyclable. Want to learn more about our unique packaging solutions? Click here to discover the joy of planting your Diversity Avatar Sticker packaging material and watching it grow.