Remembering Kobe & Gianna Bryant

Gone too soon, but not forgotten.

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Monday, January 18

Happy Chinese New Year!

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Representation & visibility matter

DAS was created for the human experience. #BlackLivesMatter

Promoting gender fluency

Neuter is a long-established word for a sex or gender outside of the gender binary. This means a gender neither masculine nor feminine. In other words genderless, gender neutral or an androgynous person.

Gender fluency matters because allows people to be visible. Everyone deserves a spotlight, and Patent-pending Diversity Avatar Stickers provides that.

Cultivating diversity & inclusion

In the midst of promoting your company at an event, conference, or business gathering, you have an unique opportunity to reach beyond your brand. Patent-pending Diversity Avatar Stickers is the perfect vehicle to deliver value to each diverse member of your audience.

Everyone deserves an opportunity to feel represented. Highlight your brand’s message with the gift of Patent-pending Diversity Avatar Stickers.


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